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What people are saying about MECA

“Academic Excellence in a Christian Environment: excellent school that provides academic excellence in a loving Christian Environment!!” - Parent



“Excellent!!!: My son was a "well deserved" marked man when he was in public school. All kinds of behavioral problems. Poor grades a lack of respect for authority. I did not know how to reach him. I was contemplating getting him checked by a psychiatrist or something. When my son started this school all of that came to a screeching halt. Immediately! His motivation level has risen 200% right along with his level of confidence. I am so proud of him. The school demands complete cooperation from both the parent and the student and nothing less. It was hard for me and my son to adjust at first but we are in the groove now and I have nothing, absolutely nothing negative to say about the school, the staff,

nor the students.”  - Parent




“This is an amazing school. I have never been to a place where the students are cared for in such a way that far exceeds any parents expectations. The administrator Mrs. Crosby, cares for the children as if they are her own. She has high expectations for both parents and the children and she gives twice as much. The level of excellence in academics coupled with Biblical Christian foundations and principles is priceless. Not to mention all of the extra curricular activities, cultural enrichment trips, music lessons, dance lessons, sign language, foreign language classes just to name a few. I am so impressed at how my child has grown. This is absolutely an amazing school!” - Parent

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