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Message From the Founder and Principal


  • Dear Parents, 


    It is my delight and pleasure to welcome you to Miss Endy's Christian Academy! Someone may have recommended our school to you or you may have just simply found our name on the Internet. Whatever the reason that brought you here, trust that you have found an excellent Christian school that will truly make a difference in the life of your child. There are many reasons why MECA is a step above the rest but here are a few key traits that will help you determine if this is the right place for you and your child: 


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Application Process



Miss Endy's Christian Academy is currently accepting applications. There is no deadline to enroll, however, space is limited. Limited partial scholarships are available for grades 1-6th grade. Limited spaces available for sliding tuition scale enrollment for K4-K5. To request additional tuition and application information, please call our administrative office at (817) 737-9031.




Visit MECA



Miss Endy's Christian Academy would love to have you visit our school and learn about the exciting opportunities that we have available. You will be amazed at what Miss Endy's Christian Academy has to offer. Feel free to call the office between the hours of 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday, to schedule your visit TODAY!



• Karate • Sign Language 

• Music •Piano, Drums, Bells 

• Dance • Drama •Choir

• Photography •Mime

For more details contact the Administrative office at (817) 737-9031








Uniform Guide 


• MECA's uniforms can only be purchased through our designated supplier. A uniform pamphlet with prices can be picked up from the school office. You can also visit MECA's Uniform Catalog and price list by clicking here.

• All students are required to wear school uniforms.

For any questions or concerns please call the Administrative office.





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