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Please view or click the downloadable PDF below for our COVID-19 Student Decision Tree.

The following numbers are based on reports confirmed by Miss Endy's Christian Academy administrative office.

Numbers will be updated every Monday by 10 a.m.


Active confirmed positive cases: 0

*An active confirmed case is a person who has a positive COVID-19 lab test or has received a COVID-19 diagnosis by a physician and is currently in isolation. 


Presumptive positive cases: 0

*A presumptive positive case is a person who Is showing symptoms of COVID-19 and is currently in isolation but has not received a COVID-19 positive diagnosis by a physician or a positive lab test. 


Total confirmed cases since August 27, 2020: 1

Case counts began with the first day of school, August 27, 2020, and include all MECA faculty, staff and students.

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