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MECA N'Richment Program

Below you will find the N'Richment Program categories. When registering your child please select which program you would like for them to attend.



Beginning reading for a 4 year old and those entering Kindergarten.In this program your child will develop the reading readiness skills required to make learning to read easy, enjoyable, and successful. We use the ABeka Basic Phonics Reading program which teaches basic reading skills. This is a phonics program, not just sight reading garnished with phonics. Students are taught to read with a systematic, step-by-step reading plan based upon the sounds of each letter. They will learn to recognize: short vowel sounds, consonants, blend two letters together, long vowel sounds, sound two-vowel words, and read special sounds.

Material Fee: $55.00      Program Fee $325.00


For those entering 1st-4th grade, this program teaches the essential phonics and comprehension skills required to become a fluent reader. Our students also learn the word-attack skills needed for multi-syllable words, as well as, the advanced comprehension skills required for textbook literature. Mastery of these skills will make reading much easier, more enjoyable for your child and will greatly increase your child's confidence in school. Our students become fully absorbed in books and oftentimes, develop the lifelong habit of reading for pleasure.


Material Fee: $55.00      Program Fee $325.00



Students entering elementary arithmetic, will quite naturally,

begin with the most elementary, basic mathematical processes of

arithmetic. Students learn best when they proceed from the particular

to the general, from the concrete to the abstract.


Elementary arithmetic properly emphasizes the facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division that accord with the child's stage of mental development and have immediate practical application. This course endeavors to help the student obtain a more solid foundation because it: -Concentrates on math concepts and applications -Promotes development of problem-solving skills

Supplies an abundance of practice problems -Reviews and Tests

Material Fee: K4/$40.00 K5$50.00      Program Fee $325.00


Our program incorporates Zaner-Bloser's Strategies for Writers (grades 1-6) who can independently and successfully compose writing from pre-writing to revising and publication. The Strategies for Writers blends significant research findings into a strategic instructional program for developing successful writers. Key elements that are fundamental include: Prior knowledge is developed and used for writing - Graphic organizers are used to assist students in organizing for writing - Direct instruction models writing and thinking about writing -Writing is coached through student writing partners who "think aloud' about what

they are doing - Children talk with a partner and share their writing Children learn a process for writing. 


Material Fee: $50.00      Program Fee $325.00

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