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Curriculum: We utilize a combination of faith based curricula such as Abeka and Horizon for our preschoolers and have incorporated Saxon, ACSI, purposeful design and Switched On School House computer E-instruction curricula for our Kindergarten and Elementary students. Our programs require the use of stae of he art hi-tech technology that engages the students in a more hands on, interactive way.




PRINCIPLES: Contrary to the graveyard of unsuccessful educational programs including the "look say" approach to reading, whole language and new math, the Christian school has been able to stand successfully on the following key principles: structured education is God-centered and authoritarian in its approach. Within these two principles, effective Scriptural discipline and Godly character training can be incorporated into the Christian classroom.


Students are required to sit up straight, to do their work, and to pay attention. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are taught in the light of God's Word. Dignity of work and pride in America is encouraged; and honesty, integrity, and strong character are all traits to be sought after. Because foolishness is bound in the heart of the child, discipline becomes a vital role in the outcome of each day. We believe that a discipline plan must be established, taught, and enforced before the classroom can be run smoothly. Lee Canter's assertive methodology has adopted these fundamentally Christian discipline ideologies and has proven that traditional discipline succeeds in every environment. Every classroom management plan must have rules, positive recognition, and consequences. These ideals combine to form a well rounded discipline routine.


We believe that what a teacher expects from his students is what he will likely receive. The methods of the Christian school teacher should point students to Christ and promote a further understanding of the subject-mater. An established daily routine will further promote stability and structure in the classroom. Lecture discussions, homework, reading, drill, recitation, and oral and written examinations should be arranged within the class period to provide optimum learning for he students.

Miss Endy's Christian Academy believes in utilizing a traditional curriculum which, according to Dr. A.A. Backer, includes the following "...the Bible, that God created, the three R's and other subjects, to sit up straight and pay attention,that it is not right to cheat, to recite when called upon, honor and respect for parents, respect for authority, that a man's word is his bond, that a job worth doing is worth doing well and personal initiative. Each concept taught to children must be built "...precept upon precept; line upon line..." (Isaiah 28:10) This Biblical truth illustrates the importance of methodology utilized by curriculum. Curriculum should instruct students in the basic principles before teaching other purer forms. Specific facts must be learned by drill, repetition, and rote memory. Grammar and spelling should be taught before a student is expected to write well. Phonics should be taught before a student is expected to read well. However, as soon as a student grasps the basic fundamentals of phonics, he should start reading just as a student who grasps the basics of English grammar and spelling should start writing.

Through hard work, children will master fundamental principles; then, advancement into more abstract areas can be made. We believe that our curriculum should not be limited to materials on grade level, but rather limited only by the pupil's capacity to learn. meeting the needs of highly able students must be approached in the same manner as reaching the needs of academically challenged students; each required individual teacher attention and motivation; for each can be easily bored in the typical classroom.

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